The Renovating Quick Cash Profits System

“They all laughed when I said I would become a Renovator…But then I made $655,827 part time…”

Discover an opportunity from which only a few ever get to reap the full cash benefits… it’s like a secret society only the people in the “know how” can profit from… yet if you have the right system it’s so lucrative it can make you wealthy!

Best Part: I’m now exposing this opportunity… revealing the exact step-by-step renovation system which has allowed us to make over $650,000 in profits part time… and how anyone wanting to experience the joy and freedom of renovating for profit, can now easily do so.

Dear Friend,

If you ever wanted to finally get started in your very own renovating business, but you’re unsure which strategies to follow… scared of buying a “lemon” or think you don’t have enough money to get started, then what you’re about to discover will change everything.

I know right now you’re probably thinking you don’t have enough money, worries of how to finance your whole project are creeping up… and a lack of funds in the bank if the property doesn’t sell makes you want to throw the whole idea out the window.

You’re probably in a place where you don’t have a clue who to ask for help and your friends and family aren’t much support either.

Just thinking about taking the first step but then choosing the wrong property… rising interest rates… and the fear of battling a property market downturn sends shivers down your spine.

And after all that, you’re stuck where you began!

Chained to your 9-5 job. Battling peak hour traffic day in day out and you’re still letting your boss disrespect you every day.

But it’s not your fault, it’s totally natural to feel this way right now. I was in the very same place when I started.

And it’s the reason why, if you’ve got ten minutes, I’ll show you the roadmap to bypass all this stress which stops 99% of newbies ever getting started. I’ll reveal how you can easily apply this information… even if you’re a total newbie and change your financial future through property renovation.

Big call… right?

Let me explain… let’s rewind for a minute and go back to where it all began. You’ll see yourself that you too have the ability to build real wealth even with only a few spare hours every week.

It all started years ago in the ‘good ole days’ remember… When everything was fine?

Yes! It was back then when I first witnessed my parents transforming a scary dump into a cosy fresh clean home — ready to sell for a big payday.

This sparked the dream that one day I too would be able to enjoy the fun, excitement and freedom property renovation gives you.

But as I grew older this dream faded more and more.

Trying to juggle work, study and a lack of funds stopped my husband and I from ever fulfilling this dream.

But then in 1987 we finally took the plunge and bought our first property. It was a nice little 3 bedroom brick home on 24 acres.

We got it for $85,000… and it was a mess!

Neither one of us could stand a mess so we attacked blackberry bushes, pulled down sheds and fences and rebuilt new ones. We pulled down horrible wallpaper, sanded and painted… and before I knew it…

I was in the middle of reigniting my dreams.

We didn’t have much money… so we just did things ourselves and it didn’t really cost us that much. The biggest hurdle we faced was learning how to do stuff like…

  • wallpapering and painting
  • sanding floors
  • painting
  • and building extensions

But we continued with what we knew, and although we made many mistakes, by learning insider renovation secrets on the go we created a nice home.

Little did we know that over the period of 4 short years we added $25,000 in extra value to the property and sold it for $110,000.

It was then I knew this was to be a lucrative part time business for us, which would create the financial freedom we were searching for.

Nothing could stop us now.

We bought more properties… moved and lived in 13 different houses in 25 years. We learnt when the right time was to sell and cashed in every time.

Friends were laughing telling us we were crazy… but little did they know the amount of profit we were adding to our bank accounts!

So we continued learning and implementing everything there is to know about home renovations. We set up joint venture deals, borrowed from banks, added value to properties, tapped into equity to purchase more property, found reliable and affordable tradespeople and eventually learned all the tricks of the trade which instantly puts you in the “know how” of renovating.

We came to a stage where we simply put our system to work, implemented the strategies and walked away making  $655,827 in profits in less than 10 years.

Looking back to that day in 1987 when we first started, I wish I had the system we have now. The money we could have saved, the extra profits we could have made would run into the tens of thousands.

And I know many other people wanting to get started in this business are in the very same boat.

That’s why we’ve turned everything we had learned… all the “know how” cash generating secrets into the “Renovating Quick Cash Profits System”

It’s the reason I’m writing to you today… Because I don’t want you to waste tens of thousands of dollars on the same simple mistakes we made. I want to offer you the opportunity to take our system and create the same results so many others have been able to achieve utilising our strategies…

“I have been renovating houses while I lived in them for the past 30 years.  I’ve learnt a lot along the way, but often it’s been learnt the hard way (and the expensive way).  If  I’d had the Renovating Riches Guide to Renovating for Profit when I first started I would have been doing my renovating a lot faster and easier and made more money.”

Julie Bunyard

“Hi my name is Trish Stickels, I have never come across a course with so much information. It gives you a step by step guide in renovating from start to finish everything you need to know; the exercises help you get motivated, you really do get value for money. I highly recommend this course.”

Trish Stickels

“Thanks for your guide.  I recently renovated one of our old and tired rental properties.  We took out walls, replaced the kitchen, complete repaint and new carpet and created a new courtyard.  After reading the guide I can see now where I could have completed the reno quicker and probably cheaper and still end up with the same result.  Next reno job is our own bathrooms at home.  Wish me luck!”

Rob Buckland

So I bet you want to know exactly how these people were able to achieve all these results and what exactly you’ll get as part of the system.

Well I’ve documented our whole process of renovating from choosing the house to selling it.

You’ll discover how to…

  • Skip hours of frustration. In less than an hour you’ll know exactly what finance is most profitable… whether you should go for bank or non-bank finance… and… the easy way to get your finance approved.
  • The simple formula, which lets you work out how much cash you’ll need for each deal and how to come up with it (you’ll be pleasantly on your way to getting all the cash you need while the other rookie renovators are still stumped trying to raise funds with their dead end jobs)
  • The 7 questions you must ask your mortgage broker to slash loan costs, minimise risk and actually have a chance at getting approved.
  • Instantly learn the “insider” tricks behind the most lucrative Joint Ventures and how to set up these deals yourself.

And that’s just the start… the course is broken down into a simple step-by-step system that doesn’t leave out a simple profit generating strategy.

“I found your guide to be excellent, its laid out in a simple easy to understand format for beginners to use without confusing them by getting into to much complicated details. There is a great deal of information and resources provided and most importantly it doesn’t overwhelm the reader.  I can’t wait to use this guide, I found it motiovational and encouraging just reading it.”

Kelly Carratt, Truck Driver, Orange NSW

So even if you’re a total rookie you’ll know…

  • How to reach finical freedom quicker and with more ease by using our proven goals and objectives system.
  • The TRUTH about good and bad debt and why you must know this secret to create a lifestyle for yourself that your friends will envy.
  • Why 99% of rookie renovators fail on their first project… discover what you can and can’t afford to avoid ending up the same way.
  • 15 critical rules of buying houses — makes you spend your money smarter and sell the property for a higher profit.
  • How to assess the profitability of a deal in less than 10 seconds!
  • Instantly determine the exact cost of a project. The Renovation Cost Calculator Software gives you the exact costs you need to know about, which determines the profitability of your deal.
  • Our secret Internet search strategies to find properties hidden deep in the underbelly of cyberspace.
  • How to avoid a renovators nightmare and buying a lemon!
  • Which houses never to touch with a ten foot pole. Instead discover the right house to buy, what area to buy in and what buyers to target to cash in on your lucrative renovation business.
  • 7 Property Inspection tips which will save you thousands of dollars.
  • The secret questions to ask which gives you more profits in the end.
  • The covert insider renovation publications, revealing the best properties meeting your criteria. (use our source of information to find the best property for your project.)

But it doesn’t stop there either… that’s just how to choose the right property.

Here’s how to add massive value to a property and ensure a big payday when you’re ready to sell.

You’ll learn…

  • How to avoid renovation nightmares by handling potential problems and pitfalls before they happen.
  • What never to renovate. The worst and most unprofitable ways to renovate exposed.
  • A quick “dummies guide” to choosing the best inside and outside improvements.
  • 15 best ways to add value you can instantly apply to any property. (no matter what property you’ve chosen)… plus a proven way to get more cash by adding these value ads!
  • WARNING: Renovation pitfalls and how to avoid them.
  • Secret repair tricks you can do yourself. You’ll save yourself thousands in fees… PLUS an advanced segments, which depicts the repairs not worth doing yourself.
  • Secrets to choosing the right colours… the ugly, the pretty and the most profitable ones!
  • How to find trustworthy tradies and how to work together with them to make your project a breeze.
  • How To Network… discover the most important things to say that will build more profitable relationships.
  • How to create the “head-turning look” that reels in potential buyers like crazy! (you’ll discover the one presentation touch, which will make prospects hot for your property and desperate to inspect the house. They won’t be able to sleep until they’ve sent you the cheque to secure the deal)

And when it finally comes to selling your house once again you’ll know exactly what to say and do, because in this training course you’ll learn…

  • The secret strategy that gets people to deliver properties on a silver platter to you. Instantly positions you as the dealmaker and the one constituting the price and terms of the deal.
  • The shortcut secrets to different legal structures.
  • Secret pricing strategies that get’s your property sold quicker and for higher profits.
  • Clauses you must use in your contract that the pros wish you never found out about.
  • Secrets to making an offer your buyer or vendor just can’t refuse.
  • and heaps more!

As you can tell…

After Getting Your Hands On The Renovating Quick Cash Profits System Everything Changes!

And you’re probably wondering… is this is going to cost me an arm and a leg before we can even get started with the renovating?

Absolutely NOT!

Because that’s the exact opposite reason why we decided to make this information available to other renovators.

Although others may sell similar programs for up to $10,000 we believe this kind of money should be spend on your actual project.

The last thing we would want is for you to spend all your savings on this system and then have nothing left over to start reaching your dreams.

So we’ve made this system affordable for everyone.

Here’s a quick sum up of what you get and your investment to avoid the costly mistakes 99% of rookie renovators make.

Course Material Separate Purchase Renovating Quick Cash
The ultimate guide to renovating for 

quick cash profits in Australia

$1,000.00 included
The Renovating Riches 

Reno Costing Calculator

$1,600.00 included
The Renovation Riches 

Cash Required Calculator

$100.00 included
The Renovating Riches 

Quick Deal Analysis Tool

$100.00 included
The Renovating Riches Things 

To Buy & Things To Do List

$50.00 included
The Renovating Riches Property 

Inspection Checklist

$100.00 included
Weekly Action Plans And Guides $495.00 included
TOTAL PRICE $3,445.00 $197
NA $197

That’s right for a small investment of $197 you get it all.

You avoid…

  • property nightmares
  • making the wrong decision
  • and you avoid wasting money


You get a proven roadmap that shows you exactly where to start, how to start and the best ways to turn your renovations into a wealth creation tool.

This is the ultimate system and I haven’t left anything out! So if you are serious about making a comfortable living with property renovation I urge you to click the orange button below right now and secure your copy.

Because of our increased costs in constantly adding new strategies and information to this program we can’t guarantee that this home study course will continue to be available at this low price. Avoid disappointment and secure your copy right now before we are forced to increase the price.

And to totally take away any risk on your part we’ll even guarantee that this course will do everything explained in this letter. That’s why we want you to buy the program today and try it out for a full 30 days.

It doesn’t get much better than that, you’re saving over $2,900 by investing in this program today and you’re 100% backed by our Rock Solid Money Back Guarantee.

So just imagine yourself this time in a few short months… you’ve applied all the strategies, done everything as planned out for you in the program and you’ve just sold your first property for a very handsome 5-figure profit. You realised it was easy and are ready to buy the next property and repeat your success all over again. Tell me… how’s that going to feel?

Well I’ll tell you. It’s an incredible feeling. It’s the most exciting and fulfilling part time businesses I’ve ever experienced.

If I went on a rant to tell you just how incredible this business is, it would take me days… But guess what? You’ve got the opportunity to experience it all for yourself right now.

All you’ve got to do is click the orange add to cart button below, secure this offer and start living your dream as of today.

I hope you can take advantage of the opportunity I’m presenting to you and I look forward to hearing about the results you’ll achieve.

Warm regards,

Deborah Wilson

PS: If you’re serious about building a better life, and creating financial freedom through renovating properties, then please, don’t miss this chance. The price will go up and you’ll never have the chance to purchase this system at such a low price again.

PPS: Remember you’re covered by our 100% Guarantee, so you risk nothing by merely giving our system a try and in the unlikely event the system doesn’t live up to your expectations you will get a quick and courteous refund.

So hit the orange add to cart button right now, secure your copy of this program and start living your renovation dreams.

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